IUTER SS16 "Forces of Nature" Video by #NOTEXT

Original music by The Night Skinny

IUTER SS16 "Forces of Nature" Video by #NOTEXT


#NOTEXT is an emerging group of futuristic creators from Milan.


For the IUTER SS16 "Forces of Nature" collection they realized a mood video by glitching and mixing images from old VHS documentaries about nature and shots of the four patterns of the collection: Dune, Thunder, Wave and Volcano.


The glitch was created by manipulating images with synthesizers that disrupt the signal while it's being transmitted from the video recorder to the monitor. This analog process was realized thanks to the devices and studies of Sterven Jonger, video agency from Milan collaborating with #NOTEXT.


The soundtrack is original, specifically composed by The Night Skinny, an Italian producer living in Milan. The artist maniacally takes care of his productions, this time collaborating with video makers for the final product. The genius behind the video lies in the juxtaposition of soundtrack and images: both of them start with tranquility and order, to then follow a crescendo of intensification that ends up apocalyptic and inflamed.