“Make some noise for Gue Pequeno, the past, present and future of italian rap".

IUTER,supported by Swarovski, dressed Gue for his most important concert to date at the Assago Forum .

“Make some noise for Gue Pequeno, the past, present and future of italian rap. IUTER,supported by Swarovski, dressed Gue for his most important concert to date at the Assago Forum .

The phrase uttered by Lazza onstage at the Mediolanum Forum on the first night of the Sinatra Tour is the perfect summary of what was being transmitted from the stage to the 12k people who filled the Forum, a huge milestone for an artist who never once compromised to break out from the rap scene.

Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but the live show on 16 March was a real party. Gué shared the stage with lifelong friends (Marracash, Shablo), new talents (Drefgold, Izi, Lazza), Italian rap royalty (Noyz, Luché) and the people who have worked with Gué’s more recently (Sfera, Elettra). But there’s more: how would you have reacted 10 years ago if you were told that the winner of Sanremo would appear onstage with Italy’s top rapper in terms of history, numbers and relevance? And that it would be perfectly credible? That’s what we thought, but Mahmood was onstage at the Forum too.

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IUTER covered in Swarovski crystals for the Sinatra Tour

When Gué Pequeno invited us on stage with him, through an exclusive custom outfit, we naturally wanted to go big. We wanted to create something that would reflect Gué Pequeno’s two souls: the fighter – whose struggle has led him to a sell-out show in one of Milan’s most important music venues - and the rapper, attracted to “bling bling” like a magpie. It was therefore perfectly natural to turn to Swarovski in order to make our piece for G.U.E. totally unique.

We created a tracksuit embellished with 75,000 crystals in different shades to bring the camo pattern and Iuter logo alive. We liked the idea of ​​combining a pattern that was designed to conceal with the spectacle and brilliance of Swarovski crystals, a further reflection of the duality inherent in Gué Pequeno and in every one of us. And since Gué is renowned in the industry for working tirelessly, what better way to celebrate him creating a look that took approximately 50 hours of work. Hard work, but a way for us to place the crown of Italian rap on the head of the man who deserves it.


And like any self-respecting party, you celebrate among friends. So, Gué’s first outfit of the night was by Iuter in collaboration with Swarovski. A suit embellished with 75,000 Swarovski stones, allowing Gué to shine literally and musically.

And since the evening opened with Iuter, it had to close with Iuter, thanks to Shablo who – along with Jacopo Pesce and Charlie Charles - appeared on stage to deliver the Sinatra platinum record, also dressed in a Iuter tracksuit, designed especially for the behind-the-scenes manager of the new Italian rap scene.

Between the two outfits, we witnessed a piece of Italian music history, which started with “Il Ragazzo d'Oro” and went on to more recent hits - such as “Doppio Whiskey” with Mahmood. While Gué changed five outfits and welcomed practically every noteworthy Italian rapper to his stage, it was liberating and perfectly natural to think “finally”.

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An event like Gué at the Forum had to have a dedicated capsule collection. The Sinatra Tour celebratory pieces are available now on Iuter.com and from Iuter Store Milan: 150 pieces, split into 50 T-shirts, 50 hoodies and 50 bandanas, all to celebrate the most important date on Gué Pequeno's new tour. We collaborated with Swarovski on the capsule collection available to the public too and each of the 150 garments has been embellished by the historic brand.

Each of the garments displays the line-up of Italian rap’s event of the year, to remind you forever of the tracks that you lost your voice to on Saturday 16 March.

If you want to commemorate the time you screamed “Il Ragazzo d'Oro” with 12,000 other people, this is the right moment.

A few moments before the show, we were lucky enough to call into the dressing room of the Golden Boy of Italian rap, to chat about the outfit we had made for him and enjoy those moments of tension just before going onstage. “It’s going to be liberating for me to perform on this stage, a way to celebrate almost 15 years of work” he confesses as he tries the outfit made with Swarovski. “Mom, they’re from Iuter, check out this amazing outfit they made for me” Gué tells his mother, confirming our satisfaction for a job well done.

Another moment that we will always carry in our hearts was the thanks that Gué offered us from the stage, recalling the path that we have trodden together and which brought us to the Mediolanum Forum.

Gué Pequeno at the Forum is proof that rap music has finally made it.