IUTER x Noyz Narcos & The Night Skinny

Dope Games

IUTER x Noyz Narcos & The Night Skinny Dope Games

The Night Skinny is still working away on the tracks for his next solo album in Milan’s Eden Garden Studio.

The project remains veiled in mystery but after the devastating “Fuck Tomorrow” with Rkomi - and the accompanying video produced by IUTER - comes a sick new track with one of The Night Skinny’s favourite partners in crime: Noyz Narcos.

The king of Rome needs no introduction. From the legendary Truceboys to his more recent solo albums, Noyz Narcos continues to take no prisoners: his flow, delivery and punchlines are at the top of the game, ensuring he is still an inevitable benchmark for anybody in Italy who picks up a mic.


To celebrate this project, IUTER has made 100 Dope Games tees and 30 skateboard decks available online now and from the IUTER Store Milan on Tuesday 16 May at 18:30.


When these two professionals team up, we’re talking about some of the highest standards in Italian rap. Just look at last year’s gamechanger “Training Day”, where they further refined their ability to match beats from TNS and rhymes from NN in a perfect dialogue.


The video for “Dope Games” was produced by IUTER with Giorgio di Salvo directing and photography by Edoardo Bolli. It will be released on Vevo next Tuesday and projected on loop at IUTER Store Milan from 18:30 to 21:00 the same day. Come and get a good look, because it’s really good.


“Dope Games” is next level: judgement day beats and a chorus masterfully extracted from a Pusha T sample that gets stuck in your head while Noyz teaches us a lesson. The grand finale is a snippet of the famous interview with Dipset general Cam’ron giving his personal and damning opinion on snitches.