TNS feat. Rkomi – Fuck Tomorrow

Exclusive video & interview

TNS feat. Rkomi – Fuck Tomorrow Exclusive video & interview
Backstage pics by Antonio Ragni
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IUTER is proud to present the new track from The Night Skinny feat. Rkomi: Fuck Tomorrow. Check out a preview of the video on and see what the two artists had to say when we met them to chat about the launch of the video.


Rkomi, 21, from Calvairate, Milan, is one of the most authentic voices on the new Italian rap scene. The Night Skinny, on the other hand, is a recording studio veteran currently working on his latest (and perhaps last?) solo project, which involves a lot of new young talent as well as some of the scene’s stalwarts.

The pair have already collaborated in the past but read the interview to hear it from them…

Let’s start out by talking a bit about you two, Rkomi and The Night Skinny, and “Sissignore”, which was the first track you worked on together…

The Night Skinny I’ll start out by saying that I did something with Rkomi that I never do – when “Dasein Sollen” came out, I messaged him on Instagram. I was fascinated by the whole image and delivery on that damn track. It instantly made me think of Noyz Narcos, who actually came to the studio the next day, where we were both like “Damn, he’s good! He’s killing it!” I didn’t even know what Dasein Sollen meant; it was actually Rkomi who explained it to us later.

I read that it is a philosophical concept connected to the work of Heidegger, is that right?

Rkomi Exactly. It means “Having-to-be” and is a reference to how the Being manifests in reality.

TNS We met eventually and made “Sissignore” which was a killer track. So when I started working on a new solo project this summer, I wanted to start out with Rkomi.

And that’s how this sick new track “Fuck Tomorrow” came about…

TNS Yeah, we got into the studio and tried some things out with some people, it’s not important who. It was good, but not exactly what we were looking for. Don’t misunderstand me, it had a good beat and good verses… But I remember that after listening to it, Rkomi whatsapped me a bit hesitantly. Basically we were both a bit perplexed.

So what happened?

TNS Well Ciro (from Tahurus, Ed.) was in the studio with me and after listening to the track he sent a voice note to Rkomi telling him not to worry, that he was the Italian Nas. That voice message ended up in the track… it all clicked with that phrase and the next day I built a beat over it starting with a sample from “Life’s a Bitch” by Nas feat. AZ.

What I like about you Rkomi, compared to a lot of other new names, is that you always have a very direct and sincere approach in your tracks, which leaves little room for ego.

Rkomi You know that’s how I’ve always done things ever since Calvairate Mixtape – putting myself on the line, talking about my own shit. It’s a component that has always been there, it comes naturally to me. Often in the studio I say things and then I don’t know whether I should have said them or not, but once they’re recorded I grow attached to it and then I can’t take them out.

How did you work on the lyrics for “Fuck Tomorrow”?

Rkomi I mostly based the approach and the flow on Skinny’s beat. I had a few bars ready and some stuff written down that I liked, but most of it just came naturally. There’s actually a line in the second verse that I used on “Calvairate Mixtape”.

TNS That’s sick, I didn’t know! (Laughs)

Rkomi Yeah, maybe I should have told you, before it starts causing trouble (laughs, more than TNS).

TNS That’s a classic tactic, the Americans always do it as well... I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a slight autotune on the track. We didn’t use it initially but then we decided to try it on the harmonies at least and it worked.

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From autotune to singer-songwriters like Calcutta, who recently invited you to open his show in Turin…

Rkomi I find it crazy that I appeal to an artist like him, who does something completely different, it’s incredible, in a positive sense. I can see some shared elements between our work and I won’t deny that in the future I’d like to try something a bit more acoustic with him perhaps, with instruments.

TNS Actually, we listen to a bit of everything when we’re out: country, rocksteady, soul…

Rkomi Yeah, maybe not 20 tracks in a row but I like listening to different things.

TNS You can see that in his delivery and timing, which are really tight but musical at the same time. It’s something that really helps him hold a stage.

What have you been listening to recently?

Rkomi In terms of rap or trap, I’ve been struggling to find anything I like recently. Luckily J Cole is about to release a new album, with 10 or 12 tracks. He’s a boss, his first album was fundamental for me. But like I said, nothing totally convinces me. I like the odd completely unheard-of American or Pso Thug from France are always on it.

TNS Leto from Pso Thug just did a feat. with Sfera on the Coyote Jo Bastard mixtape.

Rkomi Yeah, there’s also a track with me over a beat by Neoz, the Pso Thug producer.

Apart from the show with Calcutta, you’ve been touring since early autumn. How are the live shows going?

TNS I have to say that I recently saw the show with 67 in Milan and Rkomi killed it. He’s got way better live in the last year.

Rkomi I feel like I’m always gaining confidence, there’s a long way to go but I feel increasingly myself when I’m on stage. I really feel the emotional side of being on stage too, which I struggled with in the beginning. I feel much more confident and about playing my tracks to people now.

TNS You’ve got Falco doing the harmonies what are you worried about?

Rkomi Yeah, Falco’s getting better and better.

TNS We were talking in a hotel one night and he told me that he’s tried rapping as well…

Rkomi For sure! We’ve even done the odd track together.

TNS You better be getting this Zome (Marcello, Ed.)! This is gold…

Rkomi I think he’s very talented even if he doesn’t realise it. I don’t know how interested he’d be in getting back into the game now. I’ve always seen the talent in him – I made him do those two lines in “OH Mama” which are sick.

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Since we’re talking about Falco, tell me how things are going for Zona4.

Rkomi Really, really good! As you know, Zona4 isn’t a crew of just rappers. It’s a genuine movement. We are all very united and tight. Personally, I’m happy to see how much good feeling there is in the neighbourhood in general. The kids see themselves in what we’re doing, so do the older bunch.

What are you working on at the moment? Album in the pipeline?

Rkomi As well as “Fuck Tomorrow” with the TNS, I’ve got two feats out on “FR4TELLI” by Tobe Tinez and “Over 2.5” by Vaz Tè with Tedua. And I’ve got a few things I’m thinking about but I don’t want to say anything yet.

Interview by Marcello Rustici