IUTER FW22 "EUROIUTER" w/ Inner Light, Teletubbies, Zuek, and more


  • Photography: Piotr Niepsuj
  • Styling: Très Bones
IUTER FW22 EUROIUTER w/ Inner Light, Teletubbies, Zuek, and more FALL WINTER 2022 COLLECTION

FW22 EUROIUTER collection

It celebrates the first two decades of the brand and the aesthetics of the early Noughties with creative contributions from Daniel Sansavini, Filippo Antonioli, Valentina De Zanche, Tanino Liberatore, No Text, and Visual Kulture, and collabs with the Inner Light collective, photographer Alessandro “Zuek” Simonetti, the iconic Teletubbies and snowboard brand Capita.

From Milan to the Alps and then on to countless snowboard competitions around the world, the crew became a clan and its followers continued to grow in number. Aside from the competitions, naturally, the other perfect opportunity to get together were the parties – as anyone who was there can tell you.

In addition to the main collection, the “Double Decade” capsule celebrates 20 years of the brand, bringing back “vintage” logos, quotes, graphics, and original pieces. Everything about this capsule, from the name to the patterns and the use of the very first IUTER Horns logo takes us right back to those snowy slopes at the turn of the millennium.

The main artwork for the EUROIUTER collection features Ranxerox: the cyberthug created in the late Seventies by Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore and seen on the pages of magazines Cannibale and Frigidaire. A character who inhabited the slums of an apocalyptic Rome, marked by junkies, violence, and decay. 

Liberatore has designed an exclusive and unseen image of RANXIUTER, set in 2002: Ranx wears a t-shirt with the historic Horns, IUTER’s first-ever logo, and shows off his strength by folding an enormous 1 Euro coin.


Inner Light is the collaborative clothing project founded by a group of artists from French Switzerland and Belgium. Created in 2018 and active in Paris, Geneva and Lausanne, Inner Light is constantly looking for alternatives to mainstream materials and production methods. A horizontal collective in which solidarity is a prime necessity, it has always reflected on the ideas of craft and luxury, rejecting the contradictions embodied by large fashion groups. Exploration, integration and community are the heart of every piece, all created with 8 hands. The collection includes a series of garments that are vandalized with large, screen-printed designs once finished: outerwear, hoodies, t-shirts, trousers, a tote bag and a cardigan.


IUTER x Teletubbies

In the late Nineties, Andrew Davenport and Anne Wood were commissioned by British national broadcaster BBC to develop a new TV show for pre-school kids. Davenport wanted to develop characters who would represent the way that the technological advances of the time were shaping children’s minds, and that led to the Teletubbies: four alien-looking yet reassuringly round and furry friends with antennae on their heads and screens in their bellies, who live essentially as children would if there were no adults around. All set in an environment inspired by the English county of Warwickshire, transformed into a surreal masterpiece. This IUTER collection pays tribute to them with hoodies and t-shirts, a mohair sweatshirt, a shirt, and a silk scarf.

IUTER x Alessandro "Zuek" Simonetti "Shame On You!"

Alessandro Simonetti is an old friend who has lived and worked in New York for years now. You name it, he’s shot it. From fetishists in Miami to victims of the Haiti earthquake via the underground scene that combined graffiti, skate, punk and squat culture. His work has been published in magazines such as Dazed, iD, Arkitip, Victory Magazine, Gray Magazine, Out, Rolling Stone, GQ, The New York Times, Saturdays Magazine, Studio, and Elle Magazine US.

The series of images at the core of the IUTER collab, titled Shame On You, were taken in a small grocery store in New York, where the owners immortalize petty thieves in stills taken from the CCTV and put on public display. The collection includes a reversible bomber, hoodies, t-shirts and trousers.


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Limited Edition