Pleasures x IUTER: "Serenity"

Designed in Los Angeles, Made in Italy

Pleasures x IUTER: Serenity Designed in Los Angeles, Made in Italy

“Serenity” is the new joint venture from Pleasures and IUTER: a ceramic statuette designed in Los Angeles and crafted in Italy. Chapter two in the collaboration between the two brands.

The project was previewed and sold in Paris at IUTER's “To All My Friends” space during the recent Paris Fashion Week.  The “Serenity” ceramic has been produced as a limited run and will be available from June 30 from (soon from too).

Sometimes serenity is found in wearing you're fave Tee or the trucker hat your aunt in Ohio sent you, sometimes you need to curl up into a ball wearing latex and sweat out all the toxins of fashion week. The names of the two brands are engraved on the back and the buttocks.  The launch video was conceived and created by No Text Azienda.