IUTER SS22 "More than yesterday, less than tomorrow" w/ Carrots, Cinelli, Gremlins and more


IUTER SS22 More than yesterday, less than tomorrow w/ Carrots, Cinelli, Gremlins and more SPRING SUMMER 2022 COLLECTION


IUTER has been on the move for 20 years. Growing one day at a time. But what’s the point in growing if the culture doesn’t grow with you? And that’s what we do. More than yesterday, less than tomorrow. With love as our sole motivation. It’s the only one that really counts after all. The rest is just conversation.

The IUTER SS22 collection is growth, culture and love represented in lots of different pieces, and this is only the beginning. Thanks to collaborations with Milan’s pride-and-joy Cinelli, cinema legend Gremlins, iconic writer Fayer (TBC-CTO) and OG of the Californian streetwear scene, Anwar Carrots. Graphic design curated by Filippo Antonioli and Daniel Sansavini for IUTER, Studio Temp, Nathaniel Williams, Francesco GOATS e Mino Luchena


IUTER x Cinelli

For over 70 years, Cinelli has been a symbol of Italian cycling tradition. It has taken the world of cycling in new directions and even introduced it to the world of art. The names Rampichino, Laser and Bootleg are now as well-known as Keith Haring, Futura and Barry McGee: artists who have made Cinelli history. A company that has always battled against standardization and supported artisanal production. The IUTER x Cinelli collection also includes illustrations by Romagna-born painter Alessandro Pessoli.

IUTER x Gremlins

Gremlins is a rare beast: the perfect homage to B (or even C) movies, to comics and to the weirdest tales in American history and at the same time a mainstream hit that made 200 million dollars when it came out in the mid-1980s. Joe Dante’s film blends everything that we then lived over the next 40 years: horror, remix culture, anarchy and cute pets. The star of the IUTER x Gremlins collab had to be Gizmo, the adorable Mogwai created by special effects supervisor Chris Walas.

IUTER x Carrots

Anwar “Carrots” Washington was one of the main figures in the new wave of LA streetwear that started in the Jewish neighborhood around Fairfax Avenue, which became a global fashion hub in a few short years. Anwar made a name for himself in 2011 when he designed and produced the merch for rapper Mac Miller’s debut album tour. Today he is head of the brand Carrots by Anwar Carrots.


IUTER x Fayer

Living graffiti legend from Milan. And just between us, he’s also a pretty nice guy.