IUTER FW21 "Sick World" w/ Fernet Branca, Pimpa, Daria

Fall Winter 2021 collection.

IUTER FW21 Sick World w/ Fernet Branca, Pimpa, Daria Fall Winter 2021 collection.




1: affected with disease; 2: nauseated; 3: spiritually or morally unsound or corrupt; 4 (slang): outstandingly or amazingly good.

IUTER "Sick World" Autunno / Inverno 2021

“Sick” is when you get a disease. “Sick” is when you act in a very wrong way. “Sick” is also the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen. Sick is the right word to describe the world of 2021. Iuter FW21 collection narrates this sick world with the help of Fernet Branca, Pimpa, and Daria.


IUTER x Fernet-Branca

A Milanese icon since 1845, invented by Bernardino Branca: 10 herbs and spices coming to Milan from all over the world, and then exported again to the whole world in the form of the most classic “Amaro” spirit. The recipe of Fernet Branca is still secret, but its positive effects are under everyone’s eyes. If in 1897, while walking through the streets of Milan, you had bought a newspaper, you would have read things such as: “Fernet Branca quenches thirst, facilitates digestion, stimulates appetite, cures intermittent fevers, headaches, dizziness, nervous disorders, liver ailments, spleen, seasickness, nausea. It is vermifuge and anticoleric.”


IUTER x Pimpa

In the mid-seventies, Francesco Tullio Altan was a thirtysomething man, who had just returned to Italy from Brazil, where he had lived for quite a while. He hadn’t done any art school, but he was already drawing crazy and wonderful comic strips – like Trino, which featured God as the main character. Then one night his baby daughter asked him, “Daddy, will you draw me a dog?” Forty-six years later, five generations of readers have read Pimpa’s adventures. Pimpa is still deeply loved by children today. And if the world is sick, she can certainly cure it. Altan has designed a special Pimpa for Iuter in the brand’s colors: yellow with black spots. In the graphics created for the collection, Iuter’s Pimpa and the red one we all know play together, to build a better world where there is room for everyone. Also part of the collaboration is a custom Loro Piana fabric suit, and a set of leather accessories. 


IUTER x Daria

After Beavis & Butthead – seen in Iuter SS 2021 collection – here’s another icon of the MTV generation from the late nineties. Born precisely to act as a counterbalance to the two teenage delinquents created by Mike Judge, Daria was the first female character of American animation able to combine street sarcasm, literary culture and pop references. Daria was the perfect satire of the American bro-culture, and at the same time anticipating many of the cynical and ironic characters that would have conquered the public in the following years.

The Daria X Iuter collaboration is inspired by the fictional TV show in the series: Sick, Sad World, a parody of the infotainment programs beloved by the American public. Sick, Sad World is never shown in its entirety in the series, but told only through TV trailers and commercials.