+18 "Old Enough To Know Better": Frigidaire, Beavis & Butthead, Ilona Staller and Noyz Narcos

IUTER SS21 Collection

+18 Old Enough To Know Better: Frigidaire, Beavis & Butthead, Ilona Staller and Noyz Narcos IUTER SS21 Collection

IUTER is now +18 and IUTER SS21 “Old Enough to Know Better” is a kind of tribute to the early years, when the crew was lovely and nasty. The collection features four collabs with Frigidaire, Beavis & Butthead, Noyz Narcos and Ilona Staller – and a bunch of graphics by Studio Temp, Ray Martinez, Tommaso Garner and Filippo Antonioli.

IUTER x Frigidaire

It was way back in 1980 when Vincenzo Sparagna, tireless director of satirical publication Il Male, got together with his collaborators, illustrators and graphic designers, Tanino Liberatore, Andrea Pazienza, Stefano Tamburini, and Filippo Scozzari, to found revolutionary monthly magazine Frigidaire.

Frigidaire made illustration history around the world, from the dystopic RanXerox comics (by Liberatore and Tamburini), translated for both the US and Japanese markets, to feature articles with Ilona Staller and investigations into South East Asia’s worst meth dens. The text on the POLA pieces is written in Vincenzo Sparagna’s own hand and appears alongside various Polaroids from the archive. The text tells you all you’ll ever need to know about what Frigidaire is and always will be. The COVER pieces feature an all-over pattern, a journey through 40 years in covers from all the main artists who worked on the project over the decades. The final star of the collab needs no introduction: pieces feature Ilona Staller in her cover shoot for Frigidaire No. 53 back in 1991 and her autograph especially for IUTER on the back.

IUTER x Beavis & Butthead

One of America’s most legendary politically incorrect cartoons. Created by Mike Judge in 1991, it immediately became a cult hit around the world. Beavis & Butthead are two deadbeat American teens who spend their afternoons watching TV and trying to keep their raging hormones under control. Which ain’t easy when just touching women’s lingerie that will one day contain boobs is all it takes to turn them on.

IUTER x Noyz Narcos

Rome, class of 1979 - Noyz Narcos is a rapper and artist who has been on the scene for decades. The SS21 SNITCH graphic was designed by Daniel Sansavini for the “TILL DEATH” capsule released in 2018. Only 50 pieces were every produced and they were copped in seconds. Now, IUTER and Noyz fans will be able to get their hands on different colorways and the Hoodie.