IUTER SS20 "Virata"

I'm lost in the sea. Don't bother me.

  • photography Piotr Niepsuj
  • art_direction Daniel Sansavini
  • styling Tres Bones
  • thanks_to Nike, RSF, Converse

“Virata” is the IUTER SS20 collection inspired by navigation and tourism and the delightful perdition felt in floating towards new horizons.

I’m lost in the sea, don’t bother me. You check the compass but instead of the four points, the cardinal directions, you see multiple arrows pointing in all directions to form what is universally recognised as the symbol of chaos.

“Virata” is a game-changing collection with new garments designed to expand the brand’s range. The IUTER style and design department has experimented with new materials, especially technical fabrics by Majo Tech (leading Italian textile research company), and new fits and techniques such as spiral piping on the “Vacation” garments or applied Swarovski or studs.

The collection is split into packs as usual. The “Challenge” pack boasts technical fabric inserts, PVC labels, a particularly sporty fit and neon yellow detailing inspired by regatta wear. “Thermal Chaos” is the all-over print that features most in the collection. The “Radar” park is defined by marble wash and reflective patches; “Brotherhood” also features reflective details and inserts as well as printed and embroidered patches showing maps of Milan’s Navigli. Finally, “Laurel” is a totally ton sur ton pack with embroidered designs and a red wash that gives the garments a pinkish colour.

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