IUTER SS19 "You Will Die" Lookbook

Rapallo (GE), Italy

  • Photography Piotr Niepsuj
  • Styling Matteo Tres Bonès
IUTER SS19 You Will Die Lookbook Rapallo (GE), Italy

The first Drop from the IUTER SS19 “You Will Die” collection is now available online, from the IUTER Store Milano and in other shops.

“You Will Die” is the new spring/summer collection from Milanese brand IUTER. We shot the lookbook for the IUTER SS19 “You Will Die” collection in one of northern Italy’s classic tourist spots, a popular destination for elderly people from Milan and all over Italy: Rapallo (GE). Lots of people hit a certain age and move to Liguria to relax after a lifetime of hard work, much like the one that we’re living through right now and probably you readers too. “You Will Die” is not a curse on people who have reached retirement age, but simply a gentle reminder for all of us.

So, be chill, be a tourist, do things you like, do things you don’t like while you’re at it. The dinosaurs were amazing and the only beasts on our planet. But they had literally no idea what was going to happen (meteorites, lava, death, extinction, etc.), they figured they were going to live forever. We know that it’s game over at some point. That’s why we’ll never stop playing.

For this SS19 “You Will Die” collection, IUTER brings back all the classic pieces but takes them forward, evolving and introducing something new within the collection. We’ve got the usual variety of embroidery, rinses, jacquard and complex prints, which define both the pieces most connected to the mood of the collection and the most iconic designs like the Horns and Ribbon series. Some pieces also feature graphic designs made with rhinestone appliques

New summer jackets have been introduced for this collection: the Bad Company Redford Jacket, similar to the classic IUTER Redford but with a zip instead of buttons and no chest pockets, and the Raptor Marble Jacket with chain stitch embroidery, marble wash and elastic waistband and cuffs.

IUTER branding has also been restyled for the SS19 collection and the new logo is found on labels as well as rubber logos and embroidered patches on some pieces.