"Until Your Death" collabo with Noyz Narcos

IUTER x Noyz Narcos, NYC

  • photography The Night Skinny
  • styling Silvia Vinci
Until Your Death collabo with Noyz Narcos IUTER x Noyz Narcos, NYC

2018 is the year of Enemy, the latest album from Noyz Narcos and his most successful to date. The album has gone platinum yet still maintains his raw underground style. After the success of Dope Games – a 2017 project released in collaboration with The Night Skinny –IUTER and Noyz Narcos are collaborating on a complete limited-edition capsule collection, created ad hoc with the artist. 



The capsule collection was designed by the IUTER style team and Noyz Narcos and is made up of the Unfuckable Tracksuit (tracksuit pants and top), Soccer Jersey, Jacquard T-Shirt, Snitch T-Shirt and Stadium Scarf. The clothes all bear the NXN barbed wire logo designed by Scarful – an illustrator and graphic designer from Rome who has collaborated with the artist since forever, and even with IUTER back in the day – that features on the cover of Enemy. The logo is also found on the Soccer Jersey, characterised by the pattern and graphics from the tracksuit.



The pattern is composed of frames taken from the scary films that Noyz has always had a passion for and is also woven into another T-shirt and the Stadium Scarf. The simplest design in the collection is the black screen-printed Snitch Tee. The official collaboration between IUTER and Noyz Narcos was exclusively launched at Sneakerness Milano on 6-7 October, where the first 80 pieces sold out. The products will be released on 20th October. All items will be available via the IUTER Online Store at 2pm or at the IUTER Store Milano at 10:30am. The Jacquard Tee and Snitch Tee will also be available in other select IUTER resellers around Italy.