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Club degli Amici di UNOTRE x IUTER

Maglietta speciale: Memento Tee

Club degli Amici di UNOTRE x IUTER Maglietta speciale: Memento Tee

The Club degli Amici di UNOTRE (UNOTRE Club) is an organisation born to unite people who share a vision and want to help nourish shared cultural interests.



The Club aims to plan, promote and finance cultural, social and collaborative initiatives conceived and organised by its members, by providing economic, operative and media support. In short, any kind of support that a member might need to fulfil their ideas and vision.

IUTER, which has contributed several various members to the organisation, has produced a T-shirt for members of the Club degli Amici di UNOTRE, which was distributed at a private event held in Milan on 19 November 2016: the Memento Tee was designed by Daniel Sansavini, longstanding Club member.

The Memento Tee will help Club members to remember how important it is to act courageously and decisively, to learn from their mistakes and maintain a positive and loving approach to others in order to achieve their goals.

A small number of T-shirts will be available for purchase by non-members at the online store di IUTER and IUTER Store di Milano.

Still life pics by Studio Cirasa
Report evento by Diario del Club degli Amici di UNOTRE

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