In the mid-seventies Francesco Tullio Altan was a thirtysomething man, who had just returned to Italy from Brazil, where he had lived for quite a while. He hadn't done any art school, but he was already drawing crazy and wonderful comic strips – like Trino, which featured God as the main character. Then one night his baby daughter asked him, "Daddy, will you draw me a dog?" Forty-six years later, five generations of readers have read Pimpa's adventures. Pimpa is still deeply loved by children today. And if the world is sick, she can certainly cure it. Altan has designed a special Pimpa for Iuter in the brand's colors: yellow with black spots. In the graphics created for the collection, Iuter's Pimpa and the red one we all know play together, to build a better world where there is room for everyone.

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