After Beavis & Butthead – seen in Iuter SS 2021 collection – here's another icon of the MTV generation from the late nineties. Born precisely to act as a counterbalance to the two teenage delinquents created by Mike Judge, Daria was the first female character of American animation able to combine street sarcasm, literary culture and pop references. Daria was the perfect satire of the American bro-culture, and at the same time anticipating many of the cynical and ironic characters that would have conquered the public in the following years. The Daria X Iuter collaboration is inspired by the fictional TV show in the series: Sick, Sad World, a parody of the infotainment programs beloved by the American public. Sick, Sad World is never shown in its entirety in the series, but told only through TV trailers and commercials.

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