67 & Rkomi at MI16

Photo report of the party in Milan

67 crew are ASAP, LD, Dimzy, SJ and Liquez. We met only LD, Monkey and Liquez. The other weren’t allowed by UK autorities to leave the country, despite there are the only gigs they can have. The London-based crew is blocked by 696 form, known in the UK as “anti-grime form” that don’t let them to perform in England. For that reason LD cannot do any public appearances without his silver mask. 7 of them came to Milano, for MI16 party. We took ‘em to have a pizza, to The Night Skinny’s studio and at Bollywood in the evening.

Rkomi performed before them, with TNS and Z4G’s Falco on the mic too.

Following photo recap is shot by Dalì Geralle, ACR and Toni Brugnoli. Video-recap soon.

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